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"...Our sessions are seriously amazing for me.
The impact to my life is unreal.
It is giving me a lot of hope
and so much to look forward to..." R.L.

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"I had the pleasure of working with Lee a few years ago when I owned my own business. Within the first coaching session with Lee, a few years ago when I owned my own business. Within the first coaching session with lee, my whole business started turning around. He assisted me in various areas of my business helping me with goals and my own personal aspirations as well. His coaching literally changed my life path and I will remain grateful for the work I did with him." Lisa N.

"I have now spent over 18 months of regular coaching with Lee Brogden. As someone who was initially unconvinced that coaching would be worth the time and the money required, I can now honestly reflect on how much value the process has given me, in my business life and in my personal life. I had considered myself to be reasonably successful in all areas of my life, yet Lee has added a new dimension - he has continually challenged the way in which I view my life and my business and I have been grateful on many occasions to him for providing new insights into difficult situations and relationships.

There is no doubt that I now have more confidence and certainty with where I am heading, and this has meant that I am enjoying the journey far more than I would have without Lee's influence. It's very good to know that I have met someone who is 100% committed to seeing me reach the highest levels and who has the coaching skills to make a difference in my life." Phil P

“I met Lee when I was going through an emotional and confusing marriage breakup.  I had also returned home from 2 years working overseas to a job that was incredibly demanding, not only for the fact that I was thrown full tilt into a night shift environment but also responsible for training and pulling together several small teams that had been consolidated in Sydney from various locations across the globe.  I had not managed even a single person before let alone a team of 30 on a 24 hour shift rotation basis as well as deal with my marriage break up simultaneously.

When I met Lee, my self worth was at an all time low and I was faking it til I made it, except I wasn’t quite making it on the inside.  I had no idea who I was outside of my 10 year relationship, I had no idea who I wanted to be or where to start to find that, and I had very little confidenceand self worth on the inside to even have the courageto start.

That was 3 years ago.  

 Today I am running my own business in Health and Wellness coaching that combines the modalities of NLP, Hypnosis, Nutrition, Healing and Personal Training.  Lee helped me to see that my gifts and my passion lay within my love and ability to help people.  When I combined that with my 2nd love of exercise, I had my passion, I have my dream. I never realised my worth and where I fit into this world prior to meeting Lee.  I did what I thought I should do, what I thought would make me money, what I thought other people expected me to do.  Now I have the courage to truly be me.  Lee was the instrument that allowed me to play my own music and dance to my own true tune.

 Thank you Lee.” Rachel N.

"Crickey this is weird, I am sitting here making notes and planning for my very first proper (my business) coaching session at 11 tomorrow! Thinking about what goes in the start of the session, middle and end. Wow! Tomorrow will be exciting 🙂 🙂 🙂 So happy!!" ​

...and then...

" Wow Lee I had the most powerful session with my first client ! Felt that I made a difference to him.I could see from the energy on his face and eyes that what I did worked. I did it!! I actually did it. Yayyyyyyyyyyyy..I could hug you, thank you, can't express my happiness..The truth is 'presence' bringing your self fully into the session in the service of another human being is ultimately the only thing that matters. And it is the only thing that mattered today. And who taught me by his presence to do that? So much gratitude to you" Muna A

“I really feel like you put your heart and soul into helping me with my business, I am extremely grateful!” Cameron S

“Lee, good to hear from you. We are heading over to Singapore, HK, & Jakarta in a couple of weeks for a family holiday. Very excited. Thanks for your focus & investment in me a few years ago I am still bearing fruit from our meetings together. God bless you forever.” Matt

"Wow!!! you are amazing!! That really and truly says it all and puts it in such a way that it gives my journey so much purpose and reveals the meaning behind everything that has happened on my path. Wow I love it cant wait to send it out! Thank you for taking the time ...I realise you are very busy but I think even if I tried I couldn’t do that, it just takes another perspective and of course your vast range of experience to put forward the right image of exactly what is going on.

I sewed from the time I got in today ...didn’t feel the best but gave it 100% anyhow,and then i got 2 readings which really confirmed I am in the right place. I’m not giving up as much as at times, I feel poked n prodded and wonder why its all so hard! I kept thoughts clear and focused coz they say don’t quit 5 mins before the miracle and things always get harder before a break through. Well you really just made a difference with that piece of writing and it will give me further strength to push on through!! 

Thanx loads, Lauren P 🙂

Business is competitive, fast paced, challenging and will work out successfully when you get your mental game where it needs to be. We can give you all the latest tips and tools, and more importantly, the right mental attitude and encouragement to unlock your potential and reach the highest levels.

Unlock your potential

Unlock your potential

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Lee...thank you! I cannot thank you enough. You have made a positive difference in my life. With your help, the dream is now more than just a dream 🙂 Ria

" I was very unimpressed the first time I met Lee.

 I was attending a free personal development seminar in August 2004.  It was towards the end of the seminar when an ordinary-looking guy with a goofy smile came up and started talking to me.  Now, I had this mental picture of life coaches as these larger than life TV informercial salesmen who could motivate you to jump off a bridge.  So I was shocked when I found out that this nerdy-looking bloke was one of the coaches running the seminar.  Lee was his name and he asked me to give him the chance to coach me.  Thinking I would regret the decision, I signed up Lee to coach me for 6 months.

 At the time I was working at a job that was completely BRAIN DEAD, at least for me.  I had no experience with life coaching or anything of that sort before.  All I knew was that I didn't want to look back in a year's time and STILL BE DOING THE SAME THING.  Lee made a BOLD promise to me, that at the end of 6 months, my life would be measurably better.  He promised me that I would be making more money, have more spare time, and have more luck with girls.  Ok, he didn't promise that last bit, but I was thinking it at the time.  Lee would give me some inspirational pep talks that would make me work harder.  He gave me some eye-openingand insightful ideasabout how to make  He even had some exclusive social networks that I tapped into.  But looking back on it, all of that was INSIGNIFICANT.  

 The most IMPORTANT and LASTING thing I got out of working with Lee was the methodology that produces concrete ACTION steps to create what I wanted out of my life.  Lee helped me discover what I must do and he made sure I DID those things...and keep on doing them.

 I can't put it any simpler than that.

 You are going to ask the inevitable question, what happened after the 6 months? 

 At the end of the 6th month I had my first company generating enough cashflowthat I decided to quit my job and focus on my business.  Within 12 months I had my second business generating more profit than my first.  During those 12 months, I accumulated over 100,000 frequent flyer points...on holiday travel, I was flying off for weeks at a time.  I moved into a penthouse apartmentoverlooking Manly beach.  I started my third business 13 months later, my first two businesses at this point were on automatic (and no, it wasn't MLM).  I am not saying this to impress you, I am just describing what happened.  Even after Lee stopped coaching me, I am still applying the lessons I learnt from him.  Because Lee taught me a systematic way of HOW to be successful.

 Thanks Lee, you are a phenomenal coach!

 P.S. During one of my coaching sessions with Lee, I mentioned that I had met this incredibly gorgeous woman (on one of my overseas holidays). I was whining about the long distance, and how it would never work out.  Well Lee wasn't letting me fool myself with excuses.  Meeting her again, immediately, became a top priority on my action list.  Today, she is my incredibly gorgeous wife. Guyi S.

“Thank you for all the tools. I've become the better version of me through them. Life has changed for me since and it's all been great. As we evolve and get more determined with what we want, the right things come along... THANK YOU!” Ria

“I am so very grateful for the work you do with me, Always Love and light” Dr E.Y. 

“Thank you for all the tools. I've become the better version of me through them. Life has changed for me since and it's all been great. As we evolve and get more determined with what we want, the right things come along... THANK YOU!” Ria

"Lee has obviously spent many years collating, honing and refining what must be one of the most comprehensive approaches to personal growth and life coaching in existence. Due to the inherent strength of his coaching methods and the various additional tools he employs, Lee's system of coaching can’t fail to take anyone who is looking for personal transformation to a higher level. 

He is a dedicated and caring man who has a genuine and purpose-driven reason to see anyone that he works with, succeed! Lee has helped me clarify my values, purpose, direction, and most importantly, made evident ways of achieving this. I would highly recommend the very professional services of Lee to anyone." Dr AngusH.

"I appreciate this honest, open communication between us - and Lee, this has not only gained my trust but also the confidence that you'll help me succeed. First of all, you've already succeeded in engaging me on the level that will bring out the best in me - and your simple gesture of being true with yourself and me clearly illustrate that you are "real". I knew I made the right choice when I made the commitment... now this is an opportunity that I'm truly grateful for in my life." S.S

Our sessions are seriously amazing for me. The impact to my life is unreal. It is giving me a lot of hope and so much to look forward to. For the longest time, I’ve been walking around thinking this is it. I should be happy. I have a good life. I never realised there’s more to life to really look forward to. It’s easy to distinguish not-so-good from good then get complacent when you’ve struggled to get to the good level. Our sessions are truly helping me take what’s good to great. Thank you. I am excited to see what other treasures we will uncover. I’ve found a new appreciation for my talents, my family and friends, my work, my challenges… actually, my life. Robin L.

"Having a coach by my side has given me support and confidence to tackle the fears that have been inhibiting my growth and my ability to express myself truly and freely.

 I am now able to create goals and achieve them and create more. My confidence has been lifted ten fold!!

 My coach's belief in me and his seeing my abilities and coercing me to the finish line are the key traits that make me excited about having him by my side.

 I think that putting money into your own dreams is only going to benefit you. You have assisted me in overcoming the obstacles." Rosalind B. 

"I dreamed to travel the world, and then travelled around for two straight years. I dreamed to be a ski instructor, then became one in Austria even though I could hardly ski. I dreamed of working for Procter & Gamble and then got a job with them even though I wasn't a top university scholar. I dreamed of marrying a beautiful woman and then did that even though I was very shy and had no "game" at all. All this before I was 30 years old. 

A lot of people are afraid to dream, and I help them build the dream, and then believe in it even if they don't. Then we make it come true. It's a great privilege to be given this opportunity and a great joy when they see their dreams going true. What could be more satisfying?"

Lee Brogden

Just to show what's possible, I dreamt of living in a beautiful home and driving a beautiful car and held onto the dream until it came true. (Most people would have given up on it if they's gone through what I went through.) But I had already experienced the power of dreams, so I kept the faith!
More recently, I dreamt of visiting the pyramids and I dreamt of owning a kite surfing company.

My team in the first year of operation of Buzz Kites - a business I built around my passion for kite surfing realising a lifelong dream to own a watersports business.(I admit, even I had thought this was impossible!?!)

Now I dream of changing the lives of more people than ever before...and leaving behind a powerful watch this space!


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