"Wow!!! you are amazing!! That really and truly says it all and puts it in such a way that it gives my journey so much purpose and reveals the meaning behind everything that has happened on my path." L.P.

Life Is Complicated And Messy And Challenging.

Sure, I get some people don't want to make it sound too difficult because it isn't, if you're in the know. But in a world of great change at breakneck speeds, much of what we've been taught is almost useless and there's no time to sift through the information to find the gems we need right now. It's easy enough to find the wrong advice, or even the right advice for that matter if it's incomplete.

For example, a few of the many ways to take life to the next level are as follows:

1. Surround yourself with great people. Did you know that your income is most likely to be the average of your five closest friends? So if you want to increase your income, you have to get around more people who are earning more than you. You will learn how they see the world, how they think and how they make decisions. In my experience of growing my wealth and income, this has been absolutely critical. I am now fortunate to be well connected with some very wealthy people and the amazing thing is that this has happened naturally simply because I continued to lift my game. I come from a small town in the tiny remote country of New Zealand. I am no one particularly the great news is that anyone can do this!


This doesn't mean we have to become snobs at all, or lose old friends - it just means we owe it to ourselves to play life at a higher level..

2. Find work you love. Sounds simple right? And it's not that complicated. The thing about doing what you love is that you have energy, focus, passion, enthusiasm and drive. It doesn't matter what you love at all. What will happen is that these characteristics will attract opportunities and people to you. If you watch shows like "The voice" Or "XYZ Country's Got Talent" you will see examples of those who have totally devoted themselves to whatever they do. Notice how they shine just that little bit brighter than those that don't. And see how the support of the crowd and the judges is instantly swayed. 

3. Turn your stumbling blocks into stepping stones. Have you ever heard the phrase: "For the Master Of Life, Everything Serves"? This means that no matter what happens, those that master life find a way to tun it to their advantage. This requires a high level of emotional intelligence and a different perspective on life to that which most people have.

4. Having knowledge is not the same as using knowledge. Maybe you know one of this stuff I've written about in my blogs - but do you use it on a regular, habitual basis. It's a real challenge for anyone to break with habitual ways of thinking and doing things. And it's equally difficult to consistently apply new knowledge to the circumstances they find themselves in. 

Bruce Lee

"Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do."

5. Top performers in any discipline rely on teachers and coaches. If you want to excel in life, you have to start thinking like an Olympic athlete, a top tennis player, a  top golfer, a top race car driver or a top dancer. They all rely on someone else to lift their game. Who's helping you lift your game right now? A client of mine had a long and sucessful career for many years, but underneath it all, she had one single limiting belief: "I don't deserve anything good". She did not believe she deserved money, so gave it away. inevitably, she developed chronic health problems which stopped her working. She felt trapped and depressed. She had no future to look forward to. At her core, there was huge sadness. She tried so many things to turn it around but none of them drilled down to the fundamental issue. Once this core underlying belief was identified and became conscious, we were able to reprogram in a new empowering belief. After more than 20 years of suffering, it's turned her life around in just a few months. If only we'd met earlier this inevitable path could have been avoided. 

Many people are wanting something more for their lives, but they are on a path to something else. Are you ready to use these 5 points to change your path?!?   YES  /  NO

Key Takeaway

Mastering life is possible for anyone who is ready to make decisions and take the right action. If you are not doing this, then get someone to check your underlying beliefs because something there is stopping you.

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