Wow!!! you are amazing!! That really and truly says it all and puts it in such a way that it gives my journey so much purpose and reveals the meaning behind everything that has happened on my path.

The 5 keys to rolling life's dice and winning BIG TIME

‚ÄčIf you've been around for a while then you will know that living a good life is isn't as straight forward as most of us are lead to believe. In a fast paced world without a lot of rational human thinking, we can easily live our life on autopilot. We are annoyed when someone cuts a bit of time from our day in traffic, and yet we are often wasting vast amounts of time on meaningless work that we don't enjoy, in relationships that are not satisfying, watching mindless videos, having superficial conversations, eating food that we know will shorten our lives, and seeking out ways to forget it all. There are a few people who seem to be lucky and have a life they love. 

But when you look into where their life path has travelled, you might find that there's no luck involved. Here's why they might have a path that's very similar to yours:

1. Everyone's life has challenges. It seems we are here to learn and grow. We can only learn when we face challenges that require more of us than we think we are capable of handling. When we accept and embrace our challenges, we are realistic about life rather than knocked around by it. The need to be strong is the chance to be strong. Step up and embrace it and then you will live a life of greater fortune.

2. Everyone is capable of standing up and taking charge over their life (rather than being a victim of it). We can live our life in one of three places: 1. Victim 2. Aggressor 3. Creator. We will normally exhibit each of these three during a period of time (e.g. a week) depending on the circumstances we are in and who is with us. For example, at our work, we might be the aggressor. At home we might be the victim. With our friends we might be the creator.  The most empowered place to live life is of course as a creator. The challenge is to stand up and assume this position even when we feel overwhelmed, overpowered, out of our depth, uncertain, sad and even despondent. 

Lee Brogden

"The need to be strong is the chance to be strong. I think I understand now."

3. Everyone has a vision, purpose and mission I watched a video today of a 19 year old girl born in small village in Africa with major arm and leg deformities. She basically has no legs or arms. She is in constant pain. Her family carry her around in a a round plastic washing bowl. Her dream is to open a grocery shop. A client of mine has a vision to bring peace to the middle east. She has had it since she was a young child. Take time to meditate on what your vision for the future is. Write it down, put together some pictures that inspire your thoughts about the future.

My purpose is to bring enlightenment to the world. It took me many years to figure that out. 

Now it's up to you to stop doubting and start searching for your vision, purpose and mission. The answers are somewhere inside you. If you watch a movie and start crying inexplicable tears of inspiration then that's a strong hint. For example, I watch some of the scenes in the movie "The Dead Poet's Society" and my eyes just start to flow with tears. This movie is all about en enlightened approach to education so it speaks directly to my life's purpose.

Oh, and your mission is all about using your favourite skills, and following your interests to pursue your purpose and turn your vision into reality.  


We love to help people figure out there purpose and mission and have a product specifically for this. Check it out from the menu of our services.

4. Everyone can set goals. When you give your brain a goal to focus on, especially something that you really want, it sees things you don't normally see, it comes up with ways to overcome challenges, it makes connections you might normally make and it operates 24/7 on how to make it happen. This takes very little extra effort and so why do so few people have goals? In my experience, the answer can be one or some of the following: we don't think we are worthy, we are afraid of failing, we never take the time to think about what we really want, we don't believe in ourselves, and we don't know how to set powerful goals. The goals we are most likely to achieve move us towards our vision, align with our purpose, mission and most importantly our values. They are specific enough that we will know when we reach them and they have a deadline. They are both scary, and exciting!

5. Everyone who makes decisions determines their destiny You've decided to read this blog post and get this far through it. That's a potentially life changing decision - right there! What is your next decision going to be? And the one after that? And he one after that?  Are you going to keep doing what you're doing or do something different? Are you going to apply anything you have read here? Are you going to put the hammer down and go after the life you really want? These little decisions can determine where you will be in 10, 20, 30 years. Value the fact that you have the freedom to choose, and choose wisely!

We all want to live amazing, fulfilling and loving lives. So few of us will because we are not well educated to do so, we are not enabled to get out of our previous programming and we are not given the support we require by society.

That's enough to stop most people. I'm truly hoping it's not enough to stop you!

Key Takeaway

Life is always what we make of it - no more and no less. Luck is not important. Instead - every single decision determines our destiny.

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