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My husband and I spoke to each other like we have never done before.
Something has shifted and we see the love now so
thank you for reopening my eyes..." K.S.

5 keys to rolling life's dice and winning big time

If you've been around for a while then you will know that living a good life is isn't as straight forward as most of us are lead to believe. In a fast paced world without a lot of rational human thinking, we can easily live our life on autopilot. We are annoyed when someone cuts a bit of time from our day in traffic, and yet we are often wasting vast amounts of time on meaningless work that we don't enjoy, in relationships that are not satisfying, watching mindless videos, having superficial conversations, eating food that we know will shorten our lives, and seeking out ways to forget it all. There are a few people who seem to be lucky and have a life they love. 

But when you look into where their life path has travelled, you might find that there's no luck involved. Here's why...


Life is complicated and messy and challenging.

Sure, I get some people don't want to make it sound too difficult because it isn't, if you're in the know. But in a world of great change at breakneck speeds, much of what we've been taught is almost useless and there's no time to sift through the information to find the gems we need right now. It's easy enough to find the wrong advice, or even the right advice for that matter if it's incomplete.

For example, a few of the many ways to take life to the next level,


Celebrating the beauty of life - especially for my parents.

Some of my clients over the years have told me some pretty horrendous stories about how they were treated as children.

It ALWAYS apparent how our childhood experiences affect our later life. But we are often unaware of the programs we have installed.

Until it's bought to our attention. For example, have you ever found yourself automatically doing something and then realising this was something you saw an influential person do in your life and now you were doing it on automatic pilot?

What if...


Why I cause my clients to cry with joy.

Do you like crying in front of people you don't know?

Most people don't and they normally apologise.

They feel embarrassed, or ashamed, or guilty.

Emotions are difficult things to deal with and yet deal with them we must. When I work with clients, I celebrate their tears. Because the tears often come with enormous breakthroughs.

But handling emotions is not something that came naturally to me. You see..


Whoever is ready to be disliked is ready to take charge of their life.

How on earth did Donald Trump become President? Most everyone before the election, on the day of the election and even up until the last minute did not expect it to happen. 

Even Donald seemed surprised!

Now, as President, he's come under more criticism, ridicule and open opposition than any previous president ever has from day one when he started talking about the crowd sizes.

No matter what you think of Mr Trump, you have to admire his think skin. Do you think you could shrug all that off?

Most people couldn't and instead they are afraid of the opinions of others. As long as you are driven by the opinion of others, you are not ready to take charge of your life. Instead...




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