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"Thanks Lee for being the light in my life when I was in the dark.
My life has found more meaning and purpose since our meeting.
Thank you again Lee for your wisdom, guidance and love.." S.S.

For over 20 years, Lee Brogden has been in the trenches helping entrepreneurs, doctors, university professors, students, entrepreneurs, coaches, and CEO's leverage the remarkable shortcuts that elevate their level of consciousness  so they can maximise the leverage of their knowledge and skills and go from above average to outstanding performance.


He's one of the world's most knowledgeable and experienced consciousness creators. Humanity faces many significant challenges and changes including corrupted governments, environmental threats, declining educational standards, dropping moral standards, over population, out of control corporations, family disfunction, high crime rates and ongoing conflict.  With each new challenge, his passion to grow and equip people who want to lead significant and fulfilled lives. In fact it's even stronger now than when he started this journey. 



Hi, I’m Lee Brogden.

You may be expecting a professionally written biography, showcasing all my world-class achievements - right?

Well, although I have achieved quite a lot, I’d rather talk to you about my wide ranging experiences over the last 20 years because when it comes to helping others, experience is most important. Especially since I’ve gone through hell and walked out of it with buckets of water to help those still consumed by the fire.

So I’d like to share with you how I went from being a defeated helpless man to someone who enjoys squeezing every last drop out of life. (more on that later).

I won’t be bragging because I seriously don't like big noting myself. (Yup, putting this web site together was a really struggle!) I’d rather give credit to some amazing teachers for the achievements in my life including recently achieving my life-long dream of owning a water sports company and having the opportunity to make a very significant difference to the environment. I hope I can help you realise that those that rise up do so with the help of others.

Of course, I’m not sure where you are at right now - all that matters is that you are here now. Most probably seeking some help. However, for some people reading this, I’d say I’m not the right person to help you.

Let me explain why…

 1.If you are not willing to chase down your dreams, I’m not going to be interested.

Your dreams are important…VITAL!! 

And I’m committed to helping my clients chase down their dreams because chasing down dreams is critical to realizing our potential. And human potential is my area of greatest interest since I was 12 years old. We are all on a journey of growth and learning – whether we know it or not. For example, I thought I’d stopped judging people. Then, quite recently, a beggar in Egypt taught me that I still had more to learn. This old lady sat on a milk crate on the side of a busy dusty road in Cairo. At first glance, I saw a shapeless, unattractive dirty black lump of a person from a different race, culture and religion. Without meaning to, I judged her unfairly.

However, I gave her money and food every day I walked past her. I did this for almost a month. Each time I helped her, she transformed into an angel. Her eyes sparkled like beautiful deep blue diamonds. Her face lit up with deep gratitude and love as she thanked me. There was a genuine warmth in her and a love that touched my heart deeply.

I was in Egypt to fulfil a lifelong dream and see the pyramids. Little did I know that this lady would have a greater impact on me than fulfilling my dream to visit the pyramids. I love chasing down dreams – mine and yours! It’s what I live for.

Excitement! Adrenaline! Adventure! Fulfillment! Learning! Growth! Contribution!

So if you want to just dream but not pursue those dreams – then I’m not the right person for you.

  2.      If you are not going to be honest,
I’m not going to be able to help you.

Of course it’s a little weird to open up your private thoughts to someone. The first time I did it, it was very weird – and a little bit scary! But I did it anyway, and I must admit that I expected to be judged. Thankfully, the person helping knew that we all have strange ideas running around in our heads! 

I told the truth and found such relief in having someone get in there and help me sort it all out. It was a bit like having an awesome spring clean! Those thoughts that had no value were replaced with truly valuable things. A lifetime of clutter disappeared. Emotional baggage was chucked out. Order was restored. I quickly started getting more of the results I wanted from life.

After nearly 20 years of helping others navigate through challenges, I’ve heard some pretty weird stuff. Did you know that 15 million American adults who have a major depressive disorder or those 40M American Adults who have an anxiety disorder in any given year? Of course these people have some challenging ideas running around in their heads. They’re the ones that are diagnosed. The rest of us are not immune! As children, we can so easily pick up some strange ideas from surrounding events, circumstances and people. These ideas are not who we are. We are way more than that! They are just little unconscious programs running our lives. Some of them are very helpful and some of them…not so much.

So with that perspective, I hope you get that I truly respect my client’s honesty, and instead of judging them, I simply get on with focusing all my efforts into getting them the results they want. After all, there is heaps of satisfaction in seeing my clients get amazing results!

So in order to help you, I’m going to get inside your head and clean any garbage out! You are going to have to be honest and have the courage to put your dreams ahead of your fears. Does that make sense?

I can assure you that it will be scary and exciting. It will also be a lot of fun and incredibly rewarding!

3.      If you are not open to doing things differently,
I’m going to have to say no.

Look – I’m not going to make you do anything too freaky. 

But think about it. The sports coach watches his players from the sideline to give insights and knowledge that top players can’t see while playing. The ‘wannabe’ top athletes must let go of their ego and be prepared to take on board expert advice.  That advice repeatedly requires them to step outside their comfort zone. If they follow this advice, and live outside their comfort zone then their game eventually lifts to championship level.

Living inside my comfort zone caused me to experience deep depression. I was doing a career I was trained and experienced at. After I got fired for the third time, I was stuck and depressed.  A book written by a man who truly cared taught me all sorts of things I didn’t even know that I didn’t know! Stuff you don’t learn at school and most parents don’t teach their children.

This book asked me to do things that were well outside my comfort zone. Because I was desperate, I started doing things I’d never done before. Sure, I made some serious mistakes - but it completely turned my life around. For that I will always be grateful. Now I can comfortably and confidently use this knowledge and experience to help others.

I’m not the only one who’s found that just outside our comfort zone is where life’s real magic happens. And I may not be the only one who's ever told you that getting there requires doing things differently. But I am probably the only one who's going to require you to step outside your comfort zone. So that's something you need to be ready for.

4.      If you’re not committed,

then I’m not committing.

Ok, this part is vitally important. Commitment is doing whatever you said you were going to do long after the mood to do it has left you. You see, I can lead a horse to water, but I can’t make it drink. Likewise, giving you all the insights, information, contacts, resources, and actions to make your dreams come true is pointless unless you do some things yourself. 

Also, I have very close connections with people who are making hundreds of millions of dollars every year. They’re making magical things happen around the world. They give away and invest hundreds of millions of dollars a year to build schools, hospitals, wells, businesses, sustainable energy technology and so on. They have very wide networks into a bunch of key influencers around the world.

If you’re committed then you can be assured that we are always going to have a next step to 10x whatever you are doing.

However, I don’t want to waste their time. So all this will only be available to you WHEN I am 100% confident you are totally committed.  Are you still with me? Excellent! 

I hope you can understand that you are right on the edge of an amazing opportunity right now.

I like people to say what they mean and mean what they say – so I hope it’s OK if I am direct with you.

So let’s look at what’s reasonable for you to expect from me…

     Powerful insights, inspiring clarity, a range of strategies, many useful ideas, connections to people and resources, over 30 years of business experience and 50+ years of life experience for free…followed by;

     Specific sales offers.

How’s that for being direct? I think it’s important to be direct about these things – don’t you?

After all…most people would love to have an opportunity to improve their lives so it’s only fair to ask them very clearly if they’d like to dive in further and receive some expert help.

But like I said, my sales pitch will always come after I share powerful insights, inspiring clarity, a range of strategies, useful ideas - for free.

The thinking is, at some stage you'll say, "this guy's free stuff is truly helpful. I reckon I should give the paid stuff a try."

Just like when you visit an awesome ice-cream shop with tons of interesting flavors and they give you little taster spoon to try the flavors before you choose one. I’m sure you’d agree that a tasty sample is a great way to help anyone make a good buying decision.

So I’m going to give you a taste of what I have to offer. If you don’t like it, then please choose another flavor – simple enough, right?

This is what I refer to as "The Proof Method" meaning, I demonstrate I can really help people by doing exactly that - HELPING THEM.

Works wonders.

But perhaps you're still thinking

Is Any Of This Guy’s Stuff Helpful?

I think the intelligent approach is to…try my free stuff out for yourself. If you find it helpful, then you’ll no doubt like my guidance.  

Perhaps you feel like you know me already, but if you’d like to know more about me then this is for you. It’s the part where I'm supposed to go-over "the self-praising biography" spiel, so here goes. Fingers crossed the old ego doesn't try stealing the moment and you learn a bit more about me that’s useful for you to know.

After finishing a Business Studies Degree in marketing, travelling the world for a couple of years, I started my career working in marketing for two of the top FMCG companies in the world –Procter & Gamble (P&G) and Johnson & Johnson (J&J). I rose through the ranks and soon was in a quite senior position. I had big budgets, top advertising agencies, staff, company credit cards, international trips, top hotels and company cars. 

I thought I was doing pretty well but there was something bugging me. I had lost interest and enthusiasm and I was increasingly less turned on by any of it. I began to really struggle to have the energy for it while my responsibilities increased and I got increasingly more stressed.

Friday night became a time to celebrate and Monday morning a time of deepening despair.

After four years of giving my all, I’d made some serious profit for P&G but that didn’t matter after I pretty much told my boss’s boss to get F’ed. That was OK because I had head hunters chasing me. I immediately got a position at J&J which was a lot more fun environment. However, my position there dried up when funding for my brand was pulled by our US masters. Nothing to do with me…but by this stage, I really didn’t care.

I felt I’d given everything to these companies and all I’d got out of it was money. Nothing to satisfy my soul. I’d started in marketing because I thought it was about helping people. As far as I was concerned it was more about manipulating people while I was also being manipulated.

I didn’t have the energy to go back into big corporates again. So I had a go at starting a company for the real estate market using new technology called interactive multimedia. It was a way for people to search for houses using their own criteria and then look around houses with pictures and videos…pretty much exactly what we all take for granted today. It was my idea and I was the first to offer this to the real estate market. Unfortunately, it was an idea who’s time had not yet come...I was about 10 years too early!

When that didn’t come off, I didn’t know what else to do. My dream of running my own business was shattered. I quickly spiralled down into depression. I was young, ambitious, experienced and totally clueless about my purpose in life or my next career steps.

I began to doubt myself. What value was I to anyone? Why is my life not turning out anything like I expected it to be? I lost confidence in myself and everything I believed in came into question. My marriage came under huge pressure as my wife picked up the financial burden of keeping us housed and fed. I hated being a burden to someone else. The pain in my mind was intolerable and I began spending more time thinking about ways to end it all.

It was time to go back to basics. To find a happy place where I could be productive and begin accomplishing something – anything – that would at least give me some sense of self-worth and satisfaction.

I began working in our car garage building things from wood. This was something I enjoyed doing as a child and my garage at home was one of my happy places. A place where I could dream, imagine, build and create. This small endeavour kept me sane and yet that wasn’t enough. My self confidence stopped declining, but I still felt stuck and very unsure what to do about it.

I figured if I could just move in any direction that would at least get me unstuck. So I took on a simple job that I knew I would hate and sure enough, I hated it - but it got me unstuck.

Thinking I was still a marketer, I started working in marketing for a building company. Things were going ok until the building industry went into a severe down turn. One by one, my marketing department colleagues were let go - including my boss. I was the last to go. Then I firmly decided to give no more time or energy to these life sucking corporations.

After leaving here, I still wanted to help people, but yet again, I didn’t know what path to take. As I mentioned, a book pretty much saved my life. I started to follow the process in the book and even though I made some major mistakes, I started to get some results.

I combined my skills and experience and got a job in a small company that was helping people. Ironically, I was helping people who, like me, had lost their jobs and didn’t know where they wanted to go next and/or needed help to get there. I started to thrive on it. I excelled and outperformed everyone who had ever worked there. I set new records. After only a few months there, I landed a job I was really shooting for and loved - with a top consulting firm (KPMG).

Many years before, I had worked as a ski instructor in Austria – a job that I absolutely adored! But it was not exactly a career. Now I’d found a well-paying job I enjoyed every day and I was very content in my work for the first time in my professional life.

As fate would have it, our company and another huge company decided to look at merging and as part of that, they did a rationale of their businesses. At the same time, my boss (who I was very close to) was diagnosed with cancer so they decided to close our department. Two years after I started, I was back on the street. The market I was servicing was shrinking rapidly. There were no roles for me in this overcrowded market.

However, in 1998 during my last six months as a consultant, I was required to deliver a training program for senior managers about how to coach their staff. I had no idea about coaching outside sport.

As I learned about it, I fell in love with the idea of helping people through life by learning life’s little secrets and teaching them to others at exactly the time when they could immediately apply them for best results. I had found a way to pursue my original question about the difference between those people that achieve a lot, and those that don’t. At that time, coaching wasn’t even a profession but I was so drawn to it that I began studying in earnest with a man called Thomas Leonard who founded Coach U - the oldest and largest professional coach training organization. He also founded the International Coach Federation, Coachville, and the International Association of Coaches. He also deeply participated in the foundation of the Coaches Training Institute.

I devoured everything he published with great intensity. I completed his coaching training courses, his coach training seminar, and whenever and wherever I could I applied what I was learning. 

Coaching was too new to start a business around it in Australia, so I got a job as a General Manager in a SME and applied my coaching skill and knowledge to all my staff. The company grew by 280% in 18 months. I knew I was on to something! I loved the work and the business was thriving. I had finally found my place in the world. 

I felt amazing. I was well paid, respected, given lots of positive feedback and contributing to the lives of our employees and our customers. And it was easy for me because it came naturally. 

In 2001, I left there because I decided to work full time as a coach. I was passionate about helping people and still deeply intrigued by finding more answers to the questions about what we can do to achieve more from life and get more from it. It was time to get on a path that allowed me to be completely devoted to these things.

So I immersed myself in studying coaching and began work in my own business within a coaching franchise. At this time, my coaching was about helping people set three goals and then helping them achieve those goals over a six-month period. It was pretty simple stuff when you put it like that, but the results I got surprised me. I was surprised that I was truly able to make a significant difference in people’s lives and it was so satisfying to have a job I was naturally good at. One that gave me so much satisfaction and fulfillment. Many people told me that helping people navigate through life is the perfect match for me...and now I know this absolutely true.

Wow! Synchronicity! While writing this, my I just now received this message from my client: 

“I honestly have no words to express my love and gratitude to you. You are an amazing man and I am so glad that you are the one that God led me to work with. A million blessings from my heart Lee”

As you can see. all my soul searching has paid off. If I died tomorrow, I could be happy that I found and pursued my purpose and made a difference in the lives of others. Of course I'd prefer to stay around for a long time because I still truly Iove seeing people break through and succeed well beyond what they thought was possible. I’ve found the bliss that life has to offer, and I have a mission to help others find it too. Wherever they are struggling. I love to help people in their relationships, their finances, their career or business, their health and their ability to use and increase their intelligence and networks.

It inspires me to my core because I see the impact I can make on people’s lives, and then the impact they make on other people’s lives and so the ripples go out.

You know what, as it turns out, all the experiences I needed to go through and the wins I’ve been blessed with, and all the mistakes, challenges and painful situations I endured...were exactly the experiences required in order to help me master what I now know. That’s how I grew the smarts to help others navigate life successfully.

My Mum often used to say to me: “Where there is a will - there is a way” and this journey has proven that to be true. I have found the way to overcome significant challenges, and build my life exactly as I want it. I use that experience and knowledge to help others do the same. 

I have become known as the go to person for activating high performance in people by elevating their consciousness. 

So this Is What I Am Committed To Helping You With

My primary focus is to use my 18 years coaching experience, my listening, intuitive and communication skills to help people achieve a life of their dreams - especially of those dreams are going to impact positively on the lives of others. If that's you then I'm ready to help you plan and execute the strategies and tactics to quickly build a life you want and deserve.

I have "THE BAGGAGE LOCKER" program designed to help you say goodbye to any emotional baggage, self-limiting beliefs or other subconscious programming that might be stopping you from achieving your potential. 

"THE MISSION" is a correspondence program designed to help you work out your purpose and mission. If you are not interested in living your life on purpose, then you are definitely in the wrong place because when we have this clear, life is far more focussed, fun, and fulfilling while we give our selves the very best chance to succeed at whatever we are doing. 

I also help you with "THE QUEST" which helps you say yes to your uniqueness. Whatever is different about you and your experience of life offer you advantages. They can make you untouchable to anyone working in your space. This is a proven system designed around the Personal Growth Model. A process that connects you more deeply with who you really are and what you want your life to be all about. We will help you massively outperform your past results, by strategically exploring your purpose, mission, vision, and values, and then setting goals and strategies in place to help you have your heart's desires. I'll guide and support you on the most effective ways to engage with your spirit, so that it leads your life and helps you break through your fears.

We also have "THE A TEAM" which is a team of top people wanting to transform their business and lives in the most profound and shortest possible way. This has proven to be the most potent approach to get you winning big faster.

To help you take things up another notch, I'm the founder of "The League of Legends (LOL)". This is an invitation only gilt-edged circle of people committed to doing their best work while helping others do the same. This community combines kind hearts with exceptional performance. They are all for Living Outrageous Lives, Lives Of Love, and  having Lots Of Laughs (LOL). For making our kid's futures brighter in some way, shape or form I thank these Legends Of Legacy. 

Sample The Ice Cream Before You Buy.

Let me give you a sample spoon now. Click on these links to  sample some of my articles and videos.

If you find them to be of value, then the next step is to register for my free workshops. If you like the taste, you are in a position to make an informed decision if I make an offer for you to work with me.

It’s that simple.

Thanks heaps for dropping by.

Remember, if you want an amazing future, then elevating your consciousness is the best way to get started! 

Kindest regards


Lee Brogden

PS Feel free to share my stuff around because one of the best ways to get what you want from life is to help others get what they want.

Surprised by a Question from Leonardo Da Vinci 

Do you remember some turning points in your life? Things that made you who you are today.

Five things were formative in my life and it all started with Leonardo Da Vinci.

I clearly remember reading the diaries of Leonardo Da Vinci when I was 12 years old. They were on the bookcase at home and I was bored so I started reading them. I was so surprised when Leonardo made me question why most people in the world were unable to come close to approaching his level of genius. Finding the answers became a lifelong quest.

I remember my Dad saying to me on many occasions: "Think Positively". Later I found a book on his book case called "The Power of Positive Thinking" by Norman Vincent Peale. It occurred to me that we could learn more useful things than the subjects I was learning at school like latin, french, geography, and history. I was way more interested in different ways of thinking because I had found that looking at things differently was of great value. 

I remember when I was 16 when a friend of mine got beaten badly in a school boxing match. He was crying in the changing rooms. I was there telling him how to look at the experience in a different way. He stopped crying and started smiling even though his lips were bruised and bloodied.

Little did I know that this short, unplanned chat that came so naturally to me would be the foundation of a career.

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